LM/NL Games Introduces Two New 360°, Stereoscopic 3D Titles for Hasbro’s my3D

Hot off the heels of Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner, which pushed the boundaries of augmented reality gameplay, we’re psyched to announce LM/NL’s next foray into immersive gaming: my3D Sector 17 and my3D Teleport: LA, the first 360-degree, stereoscopic 3D experiences for iOS.
Partnering with Hasbro, LM/NL built these two titles exclusively for my3D, the toymaker’s much-buzzed-about 3D viewer for iPhone and iPod Touch.  While it’s earned comparisons to the classic Viewmaster toy, we see my3D as something much more significant:  mass market virtual reality.
Built atop the LM/NL Immersion Engine, these two titles push the limits of immersive VR gaming.
my3D Sector 17 is a hyperactive space adventure that throws you into the middle of an epic, intergalactic war.  You’ll do battle across all three axes in rich stereoscopic 3D.
my3D Teleport: LA is a virtual tour experience that drops you into a variety of tourist destinations scattered throughout Los Angeles.  Coupled with 360-degree sound and motion control, the stereoscopic 3D confuses the senses and makes you feel like you’re really there.